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Planned Litters

I am delighted to announce that Caoimhe gave birth to 6 gorgeous squeeky little pups in the early hours of Saturday, 14th May.

3 girls and 3 boys, one of the boys being a blue.

Both pups and mum are well.

If you would like to show an interest in owning one of these beautiful pups then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Only a week old and they have grown so much!

3 weeks old now and beginning to be a lot more vocal and boistrous with their individual personalities beginning to show a little.

Still a little wobbly at times on their feet but they're starting to engage in play with oneanother and with their toys and enjoying a little exploring when out.

This little video lets you see the 20mins of puppy chasing that goes into feeding and playtime til they fall asleep again back in their pen.

The Boys!

Harry, Louie and Loki

The Girls, as yet unamed!

Now at 6 weeks old

All the pups, Holly, Ivy, Loki, Louie, Harry and Mable are all settled in to their new homes and families, no doubt being spoilt rotten and causing chaos!

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