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Our Dogs


Caragh is a daughter of Jamie.

Now 11years old and retired from obediance, sheloves to play with her toys and go on walks with the rest of the gang.


Islay picked me when I took a friend to a farm for a puppy.

This girl is very sweet and very intelligent. Islay competed in obediance for a few years.


Annie is a very very sweet girl who I show.

Annie produced a lovely litter with ShCH Jupavia Seventh Heaven in 2013.


Archie is like his Mum Annie.

He is a gentleman and an absolute joy to own.

Caoimhe (Keeva)

Caoimhe is a cuddly yin.

She loves to get mucky but cleans up well for the show ring.


This girl thinks she's a princess.

Very much a show girl with a promising career.


This is Islay and Archies son.

He is quite a rare boy, being a seal & white in colour. Another very loving and intelligent boy.


Harry is our blue boy, son of Caoimhe.


Beth is daughter of Iona and Harry.

tam 2.jpg


Tam is our latest addition to the family.

Tam is from the Borderbrook kennel and we are very excited to have him join us at Jiljamie. 

Islay and Archies litter


Thor has been an amazing new member to our family, he has grown into a stunning young dog. He is such a friendly boy who loves his walks and meeting up with his friends and playing.  We couldn't have hoped for a more happier healthier boy he has completed our lives. 


Smart, funny, devoted to her family and completely nuts about her ball.

Annie and Sevi litter


Molly loves walks with her uncle Jethro and loves to steal his ball rather than play with her own.

We dont show her, but she loves to have her picture taken and everyone we meet says how gorgeous she is.


Football loving Bella is convinced she is a Human.

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