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Jiljamie Border Collies About Us

My name is Jill Laidlaw and I have owned and shown Border Collies since 1995.


I got my first Border Collie for my 16th birthday. This special puppy, who I named Jamie, started me on  my journey of competing in obediance gaining Junior handler champion 1995/96 and Breed showing. We done some agility work allowing us to compete at Crufts Junior triathlon competition, gaining third place.


We added another couple of Collies to our family, Ben and Eilidh. Jamie and Eilidh produced my first litter in 1999 of 7 puppies. This was the start of Jiljamie Border Collies.


I occassionally have litters, which are bred with health and temperament being the focus. These litters are only produced when I'm looking for a puppy for myself to show.


Please feel free to contact me for any information on this fabulous breed.

Jill with her Border Collies

'I cannot thank Jill enough she is such a responsible breeder. Thor is my first dog and like any new dog owner I was wanting to be the best. I remember seeing islay when she was expecting her litter and dad Archie they were such amazing well behaved dogs. Jill was always there for us if I had any questions and that was before they were born. Once the litter had arrived I was informed straight away and got photos sent I fell in love. The first time I got to see and hold my boy I entered a very calm and inviting home and you can tell that mum and pups appreciated this as they were also calm and contented.  The time arrived I had everything I needed I had his bed, bowls toys I just needed my Thor. Jill was very organised we had our contracts ready to sign and she had provided a going home bag with some toys and the mixture of food she had been giving then and a blanket which had islays scent on it. The fun was about to begin. Thor trained really well toilet training no bother he did like to bark when he found his voice. The ongoing support I have received has given me the confidence to raise and well mannered fun and enjoyable dog. I cannot thank Jill enough for giving my whole family such an amazing dog.'


Leeann, Thors Mum

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